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About Property Development and Joint Ventures


About Project Management

Project Management incorporates all tasks for the design and construct process

The Project Manager is engaged to manage all the affairs and obligations for the client

Why should we use Bonnici & Associates as Project Managers?

Early appointment will ensure that important building issues are factored into the design development, such as:

Building issues are considered into the design

various construction techniques are considered into the design

Time and cost assessments are considered and implemented

Cost plans are established for different materials and finishes

Services are synchronized

Land valuation as a development Site

The value of your site is directly linked to the type of development that can be built on the site and the number of units that can be achieved

The number of units is then multiplied by the sales price to estimate a total realisation from the sales, that is, total income from the sales from the gross realisations all costs and expected profits are deducted from the sales prices, wich leaves you with the price you are able to pay for the land,

at that expected yield and profit

As different builders and developers have different costs and profit margins the land price can vary

A Lengthy valuation process is used to determine the value of property for development purposes for wich we have established a computer analysis spreadsheet

if you would like us to look at your property give Martin a call


Bonnici & Associates



Assessing redevelopment potential

If you have a property that is zoned for a use which is considered to be a 'higher and better use' than the current development, the site is suitable for redevelopment

Just one call to our projects team and we can let you know what your property is zoned

What the term 'highest and best use' means?

"The most profitable likely use to which a property can be put. The opinion of such use may be based on the highest and most profitable continuous use to which the property is adapted and needed, or likely to be in demand in the reasonably near future having taken into consideration zoning regulations.

However, elements affecting value which depend upon events or a combination of occurrences which, while within the realm of possibility are not fairly shown to be reasonably probable, should be excluded form consideration. Also, if the intended use is dependent on an uncertain act of another person, the intention cannot be considered.

That use of land which may reasonably be expected to produce the greatest net return to land over a given period of time. That legal use which will yield to land the highest present value. Sometimes called optimum use.

The use of, or programme of utilisation of, a site which will produce the maximum net land returns in the future, although such returns need not be in dollar amounts."

Definition taken from "Glossary of Terms" prepared by the Real Estate Institute of Australia We can assist you is determining the highest and best use for your property.



Authority Zoning Use

Zoning is local Government or Planning Aurthority control on the use for which land may be used , such as residential commercial or industrial

The zoning also determines the density of development within each zone

Preparing Feasability

Bonnici & Associates

conscientiously prepares extensive feasability studies


commencing any project

Projects such as residual land value calculations and

construction cash flows combined with interest/profit

sensitivity analysis are the food of financiers and are

processed for each potential project

A subsiduary consultant

( Mr Michael Dyson) and is currently with a major Sydney valuation firm

provides invaluable assistance when commissioned