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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Building Guide -

At Bonnici & Associates

We believe in keeping you informed and part of the entire process.

After all, we’re building your investment…•


For new homes we don’t normally operate on a ‘house and land package deal’. We do this for a number of reasons. Firstly we don’t want to limit our clients in anyway, including where they can build with us.

Secondly, we like to help our clients save money, by signing 2 separate contracts (one being a land contract the other being the building contract) you save on stamp duty as you only pay stamp duty on the land price, not the combined house and land price.

For those renovating, obviously we’'ll come to you.

Ideas /Design:

Whether it’s a new project or renovation, everything starts with an idea.

We are happy to meet with you at the site, with your draftsman or architect or our design team, to discuss possibilities and design ideas for that new project or renovation.

Preliminary Drawings:

Either completed by our draftsman or architect or yours. Your ideas and designs are put on paper for you to review and finalise. For extensions and renovations, existing plans are beneficial and can save time and money when it comes to new plans.


We usually prefer the block to be surveyed, especially when there is site relaxations and building on the boundary line required as part of your project.

Soil Tests / Engineering:

If the soil test haven’t already been completed they need to done now so that correct footings can be determined. With this information the engineers can do their job and advise as to the required footings for your project.

You can skip this stage for smaller projects like bathrooms.

Quote and Contract:

With the completed plans for your home, renovation or commercial project and engineering and soil tests, we can now provide a quote for your investment.

Our quote and contract provides all of the information detailing exactly what is included and a progress payment schedule, so that you know up front what to expect.

When you’re happy with everything, we just require your signature and a deposit. You will receive a copy of the contract and general conditions.

Pay Insurances and Fees:

It is required that all insurances and fees are paid now, including insurance, Builders All Risk insurance (this may only be required for those larger projects), Portable Long Service fees and Council and plumbing permits and Council fees as required. All of these costs are included in your contract and are paid out of the deposit.

Building Approval:

With everything decided upon and insurances paid, we can now lodge your building application with the necessary Certifiers.

Once all is approved the real fun begins! Some smaller projects like bathrooms and kitchen renovations don’t require Council approval. We will advise you of this in the first meetings with you.

Colour & Item Schedules:

We need you to select your colour scheme and item schedules for your project. We will refer you to our consultants to assist with this stage. For kitchen design we will have our manufacturers contact you and make arrangements to meet and discuss your ideas and design.

Your item and colour schedules will become a Contract Document for your project so that it is readily accessible by all to continuously refer to.

Construction Begins:

The exciting part! Our expert tradies will build your investment.

This will happen in stages:

o - Footings / Slab / Subfloor

o - Termite protection

o - Blockwork

o - Wall framing

o - Roof

o - Plumbing

o - Electrical

o - Glazing

o - Internal wall sheeting

o - Carpentry

o - Tiling

o - Fit out of kitchen, bathroom/s, laundry and

other rooms as required

o - Carpet

o - Painting

o - Driveways / Fencing / Landscaping as required.

Progress payments will also be claimed by us as provided in the contract Progress Payment Schedule.

We also want to remind you not to forget your service connections –that extra telephone and internet, pay TV, garbage bins from Council…

Practical Completion / Handover:

Prior to handover of your investment we will meet with you to ensure that all is in order and any touch ups attended to if required. A Final Inspection will be completed by Certifiers and approval given. Then it’s time for you to move in or just enjoy your new home – following final payment of course!

Maintenance Period:

There is a 3 month defect maintenance period from practical completion. A further 6 years structural warranty is also in place from the completion date. So if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are confident however, that it won’t be needed as we only produce quality projects.

The professional and qualified team at Bonnici & Associates can assist with a variety of different development projects. Bonnici & Associates have been involved with the development of townhouses that are versatile, from design through to construction quality.

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