Meet Our Professional Team



Damian Scardd

Damian is one of the panel for Architectural design and director of Scardd design P/L.Damian has had experience with projects ranging from exclusive boutique medium density to high density multi storey developments

He thinks and designs with the lateral thought to take most local environmental plans to their limit and often pushing the envelope to achieve the clients requirements.


Michael Ell

Michael is Director of Michael Ell Consulting Engineers established in 1991. .Specialising in structural and hydraulic design Michaels philosophy is .

Brad Fong

Brad is the Panel engineer and a director of Geoff Nines Fong & Partners. Brad has designed and inspected a range of complex building projects.

Area of expertise includes:

Deep excavations in difficult sites

Economical large spanning steel structures

Commercial and Domestic swimming pool design

Luxury Residential Buildings

Engineering reports and remedial specifications for defective building and swimming pool structures

Our company strives always to provide:

A personal, responsive and high quality service to clients;

A high proportion of principal and senior professional involvement in projects.

A willingness to apply innovative techniques where such technique benefit the client”.


The production of quality developments

is the key driver

Martin Bonnici

It is for this reason that he uses the professionals

associated with this firm

The involvement of Bonnici in projects valuing at over $25 million enables us to develop projects that are cost effective whilst not compromising on quality.

Our Greatest Asset is our Experience


Damian Scardd Condor Designs P/L


Brad Fong    Michael Ell.


PRINCIPAL - Martin Bonnici

Nathan Bonnici 

Brett Walsh  


Phillip smith         Bryan Collum


Nathan Bonnici       Brett Walsh     


    Harry Simon (Solicitor)


Tony Ostin  PFA Finance

 Michael Zacharia  Eva business & Financial Services


Allproperty People P/L


Phillip Smith

Phillip is a qualified builder and Accredited Certifier Member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors

Performance based Qualification from Melbourne Uni. Arbitration Qualified Uni. Of Adelaide. He is the principal of P.W.S. Building consultancy and a specialist in Building regulations and fire safety consultancy as well as town & Environmental management

Phillip specialises in the dissemination of clear, objective and responsive planning advise to clients


Bryan Collum Bpc Building Surveying Pty Ltd

Bryan is a qualified practising Certifier who assists in certification on a contract basis and supplements the workload as required.



Former Bank of Queensland (Menai)

Michael Zacharia

Owner Manager of Eva Business & Financial services, Founding President at Menai & Sutherland Business Chamber, Business Banking Specialist. Director of EVA financial services.  EVA looks at your personal and business situation holistically, asking you plenty of questions so we can better asses the lending, banking or financial solution that will suit you and your business needs.


(PFA) was established in 1998, by Tony Ostin.

Who's vision was to offer an independant , Australian Owned Non-Bank Financial Originating service specialising in areas of funding that was not readily available to the Australian Broker Network. To facilitate this niche, PFA offered competitive Commercial, Construction and Non Comforming Mortgage Products to an area of the industry where the major banks were failing to participate.

Premier Finance Australia P/L arrange finance and cross check the feasability of projects and proposed developments

Their network of financiers and close relationship with the banking world as well as private funders makes them an important asset to the firm

PFA holds an Australian Credit Licence NO: 346616 and is a member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA). Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) as well as the Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) and is backed by a diverse team of experts encompassing two decades of financial and monetary experience, who are committed to providing best practice principles and the highest possible service both Domestically and Internationally.

Harry Simon

Harry controls the contract documentation and provides advice in relation to joint venture agreements and property matters

Some of the major areas of my practice are:
• Asset Protection
• Building and Construction matters 
• Commercial Contracts, Litigation & Structures
• Complaints against Medical Practitioners and Prosections of Medical Practitioners 
• Professional Negligence
• Taxation Appeals and Taxations Prosecutions 
• Urgent Court Applications 

I operate my practice by, not only upholding a strong client-focus where personal attention to matters is a priority, but by ensuring that clients have my personal attention to their matters.
That personal attention incorporates the benefits of my knowledge, experience, professional contacts, hardware, software and extensive library. The outcome of these benefits is that my clients receive a consistent and outstanding level of service.

It is, important to get the right legal and commercial advice from the beginning to ensure your business prospers and you are protected from risk.and supplements and assists as the workload dictates

Harry can, 

 prepare or review legal contracts, including:

              Terms and conditions of trade

              Partnership Agreements

              Shareholders Agreements

              Unit and Discretionary Trust Agreements

              Share and Unit Sale Agreements

              Franchise Agreements

              Confidentiality Agreements

              Joint Venture Agreements

              Employment Contracts

              Contractor Agreements

              Put and Call Option Agreements

              Agency and Distribution Agreements

              Mortgages, Charges, Loan Agreements or other banking or                  financing documents


Nathan Bonnici

Nathan is a Qualified carpenter and builder. He has experience in medium density and combines building with his passion for photography which is of great assistance to our marketing team

Martin Bonnici

Martin Bonnici is the principal and founder of the business Since 1980

Martins experience through accountancy at University of NSW and later in Building, as a member of the Master Builders where he attained his credentials as a Master Builder Consultant

Then later with association with the Housing Industry Association this enables him to understand all elements of the construction industry